• The program won't download from the Android Market, it just sits at "Downloading.
    • Cancel the download, make sure you have a strong wireless signal (connecting to wifi may help) and try the download again.
  • The "Video"/"Audio" function of the app isn't working.
    • This is an Android Platform restriction that prevents us from being able to stream video/audio from 3rd party sites; if this policy is changed, we will add support to our applications to which this applies.
  • I Saw your application online, but can't find it in the Android Market. How do I download it?
    • Most of our applications are paid applications, and are only available on the Android Market in locations where paid applications are supported. If you're in a location that doesn't support paid applications, you can email our sales staff, and we can supply you with the program file and accept payment over paypal or google checkout. sales@nix-software.com
  • I'm unhappy with my purchase, how do I get a refund?
    • We only offer refunds during the "Remorse Period" defined by the android market (24 hours from purchase). After that period has ended, we only offer refunds in special cases, such as technical issues that can not be resolved with our support team.